Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Animal Vs Human

Why is so that the most defined psychopath would cry over a ran over by car kitten, but remorselessly hurt a human being?

We all are a bit of psychopaths. We have to walk over anyone who let's us, and not because they are asking for it.

Why is it that when the same kind of species is in pain and hurt, and weak, the other member of species preys on them?

Why weak is defined as a prey worthy. not a cuteness?

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My Weight Battle

The deadline, March 24-th is nearing,
and here are the results so far:
I lost 11 pounds.
4 more to go.
I am very sick - got some kind of a flu or something... So, may be I will shed those 4 without even trying.
Will let you know and post the pictures as promised, on the 24-th.

Saturday, February 28, 2009


In the last few days I heard this a lot:
"People light up when you walk into the room..."
"You can light up anybody",
even my daughter told me today after she heard my new voice mail message on the phone:
"Mom, you sound like you are about to light up someone's day".

How is this possible? I have been so down lately...
I like that, though...

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

This is Probably Love...

(Best understood with "Amazon Dawn" by Armin Van Buuren)
To my Late...
The Anniversary of letting him go is nearing... Terrible times. 9 years this year...
So, in one single breath, this comes:

1,2,3 ,4
Pain is not there anymore
5,6,7, 8
I love you, but you are my "late",
9,10,11, 12
I know you watching me, my wonderful elf,
I miss you, where have you been?
You are the one, even there are plenty
21,22,23, 24
Noone guesses what I am looking for
25,26,27, 28
I am trying to sleep, but it is never this late
29,30,31, 32
I am lost in my dreams looking for you
33,34,35, 36
There is no cure and there is no quick fix
37,38,39, 40
Why did you take him this early, Lordy?
Were you alive before?
Love is my life long trait
Here I am, missing you.
Life is one colourful mix
Memory hates me becoming misty
Has anyone ever loved like this before?
The Lord is my only sharing Mate
I spend the rest of what's left longing for you
I need you help, I am stalked by the pricks
The house is empty, you'd made it nesty
I feel as I am dead anymore
You, LOVE, come back, it is never too late...
I am getting tired waiting for you...
Life's nasty without you, set me some tricks:
Our baby stopped hoping to see you when she turned 11
The edge of my bed is the border of fate
Not a moment goes by without you on my mind
Rest in Peace, my late (I HATE THIS!) forever mine, husband.

My Prayer

Please, Lord, make my heart out of steel.
Make my blood out of cold Glacier creeks.
Make my mind out of stone.
Make my body out of rubber.
Make my life out of anything you want, just don't make it out of Love anymore.

And, please, save my child from the pain of Love.

Thank you.
Yours Forever, RusFeline.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Had to write something...

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Curious LENGTH of Benjamin Button

The reason why I wasn’t rushing to the theatres to watch this one when it came out (on Christmas day we watched “Marley and Me”) was because I am not a fan of Pitt. Nope. I am not. Shoot me.The reason why I finally watched it today was because “Taken” was sold out and we had 40 minutes before the start of this one. So, we figured since we decided to spend a night at the movies, may as well stick to the decision.

Anyhow… I am no critic, I am just a movie lover.

Here are my 2 late cents:
Too long. I wanted to walk away about 3 times.
It was funny as my date left for the washroom right before the marine battle scene and came back when it was over and the brave tugboat ran over the submarine.On the way home I told him that he missed the most action-packed scene and he wouldn’t believe me! That was funny… 5 minutes of staying awake…

Nice fairy tale for adults. I like movies (even not so great movies) that make you realize you are really in a fairy land. It does have it's beautiful moments, and I can understand why the original short story was stretched far beyond the imginable. Because this is a HUGE story.
Some pieces were not very well connected (I still don't see a smooth implementation of the backwards clock into the plot).
Very predictable, of course. My honest opinion - if you know that you are making a predictable movie, make it shorter.
Unevenly scaled - the first third is way too overweight. The last where Ben is young is too short.
After making all these amazing age transformations, they overlooked Caroline - at 40 she looks like she is 50.
Despite some allegations I found on the Internet over the "racist" character of the movie, I'd say the black woman is portrayed in a very "New Obama Age" way. Given the timeframe of the movie, this black woman is in charge of things, whereas as the history tells us different about those past times.

Overall… wait till it comes to DVD… Because this way you can really spend 2.5 hours watching it, being able to go to the washroom at any time, grab some munchies, or unashamedly fall asleep on the couch.

2 little stars for letting me see the “tugboat” war.